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Brugge Tripel

Brugge Tripel

The Brewery

Brouwerij Palm
Steenhuffeldorp 3
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Beer Style

Belgian Tripel

The Beer

Many Belgian towns and cities have their own city beer. Bruges is no exception, with the Brugse Tripel from the De Gouden Boom brewery. Brouwerij Palm took over De Gouden Boom in 2004 and has been producing this brew ever since under the name of Brugge Tripel.

However, the roots of this city beer go back far deeper, in fact all the way to the Middle Ages.

This was before the hop plant came to these shores and when brewers were using a herbal flavouring mixture called gruut. The Gruuthuus in Bruges is a reminder of the days when the lords of the Gruuthuus collected excise duties levied on the brewers’ gruut on behalf of the Count of Flanders.

The Brugge Tripel retains a herbal aroma, a mark of this history. Tripel means that more raw materials than usual have been used. Tripels are, usually blonde in colour, with a strong flavour of malt and/or hop bitters.


8.7% ABV


A top-fermented beer with re-fermentation in the bottle.


The Brugge Tripel is brewed with pure spring water, the Kent Golding hop variety and pale malt prepared using the brewery’s own recipe.

Colour & Transparency

It is a lovely golden-blonde colour with touches of amber. The delicate but compact head of froth sticks to the glass like a veil of lace from Bruges.

    Serving Temperature

    8 – 12°C / 46-53°F

    Serving Glass

    The Brugge Tripel is served in its own elegantly-tall, branded glass that fits your hand perfectly. It is narrow at the top to retain the beer’s aromas.

      Character, Tastes & Aromas

      The Brugge Tripel will surprise you with its aromas of malt, banana, cuberdon (a typical Belgian sweet, traditionally raspberry flavoured), caramel and chocolate in combination with roast and smoked notes contributed by the yeast.

      This tripel has a powerful, bitter-sweet taste. It is full in the mouth with a long, slightly bitter finish.


        The Brugge Tripel makes a great pairing with dishes using rabbit, partridge or quail with strong herbal flavours. It’s also very suitable in combination with game, cat fish or lobster.

        As to cheese, we recommend: the zesty unpasteurised Li Petit Rossé from Belgium, a Gouda from the Netherlands or a "Campoestrella', a mature sheep’s cheese from Spain with a nutty flavour.

        Keeping and Storage

        The Brugge Tripel will keep for 24 months in the bottle and for 9 months in the barrel. It is best stored upright in a cool, dry and dark environment.

        In common with all tripels, this beer won't improve with longer storage.


        Bottle ✔       On Tap 

        Available in 33cl bottles and in 20l barrels. This beer is quite widely distributed and easy to get hold of, particularly in the medieval city of Bruges.

        Brouwerij Palm successfully export Brugge Tripel; beer lovers outside Belgium can acquire the beer through various specialised channels.

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