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Leffe Rituel 9°

Leffe Rituel 9

The Brewery

Brouwerij Leffe
Anheuser-Busch InBev
Brouwerijplein 1
B-3000 Leuven
Website Twitter Facebook

Beer Style

Blonde Belgian Abbey Beer

The Beer

Subtle touches of fruit and bitter herbs are at the heart of the character of Leffe Rituel 9°, a degustation beer.

The name of the beer is a playful reference to the past. Beer used to play a major role in all levels of society – including at the royal court. A specially appointed officer was in charge of quality control, with a pair of leather trousers as an essential part of his uniform. His ritual involved pouring a quantity of beer over a wooden bench and sitting down in it. After half-an-hour he would stand up and issue his verdict. If the officer was able to stand up with a squelchy noise, the beer’s quality was judged to be fine. But if his trousers stuck to the bench, the beer had not fermented fully and was declared unfit for sale.

These days, quality control is firmly in the realm of science and technology and no leather trousers are needed to prove a beer is worthy of sale.

The Leffe Rituel 9° would have passed the ‘trouser test’ with flying colours. This degustation beer is complex in character, with aromas of grain, bitter herbs and banana. The hop bitterness makes itself felt in the long and intense finish.

In addition to Leffe Rituel 9° the range from one of Belgium’s biggest international brewers includes Leffe Brune, Blonde, Triple, Ruby, Radieuse, Royale Whitbread Golding, Royale Cascade IPA, Royale Mapuche, Royale Mount Hood, Royale Crystal, Nectar and Bière de Noël.


9% ABV


Top-fermented beer.


Leffe Rituel 9° is brewed with water, yeast, malt, and hops.

Colour & Transparency

Leffe Rituel 9° takes on a golden blonde colour in the glass below a firm white head.

    Serving Temperature

    5-7°C / 41-45°F

    Serving Glass

    The Leffe Royale beers are served in an elegant engraved chalice on a tall stem. The aromas develop to the full in the bowl-like glass. The letter ‘L’, etched at the bottom of the glass, ensures a continuous production of froth so the head remains intact for longer.

      Character, Tastes & Aromas

      Grain, bitter herbs, and banana colour the aromas and tastes of this beer. The presence of hop bitters are clearly felt in the long, intense finish.


        Leffe Rituel 9° is recommended for serving alongside smoked dishes, meats from the deli, cheese, and tapas.

        Keeping and Storage

        The beer can be stored in the bottle for two years. In the barrel, it will keep for 12 months. At home, store in a cool and dark place at a temperature of between 10°C and 15°C.


        Bottle ✔       On Tap 

        Available in 33cl bottles.

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