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St. Louis Premium Peche

St. Louis Premium Peche

The Brewery

Kasteel Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck
Brouwerijstraat 1
(Ingelmunstersestraat 46)
Emelgem (Izegem)
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Beer Style

Fruit Lambiek (Fruit Lambic)

The Beer

St. Louis Premium Peche is a lambiek blend, based on a traditionally brewed gueuze lambiek with the addition of sugar and peach juice.

This fruit beer has the lowest alcohol content of any beer in the St. Louis range and, by extension, the lowest of all the brews produced by Castle Brewery Van Honsebrouck in Ingelmunster.

In 2001 the brewery introduced the “Premium” St. Louis range to satisfy the demand for sweeter fruit beers. This brew was previously named St. Louis Pêche, then St. Louis Pêche-Lambic with an alcohol content of 3.5%.

In common with the St. Louis Framboise, the Premium Peche is the only variety of its kind still in production.

It is a summery, fruity thirst quencher that will appeal to a broad audience thanks to its low alcohol content and sweet character.


2.6 % ABV


This fruit beer is produced with a traditional gueuze lambiek as its base. The lambiek is brewed artisanally before it is matured in oak barrels.

This process leads to spontaneous fermentation.


The traditional gueuze lambiek underlying this beer is brewed with barley malt, unmalted wheat and hops. Peach juice and sugar are then added to make St. Louis Premium Peche.

Colour & Transparency

If you didn’t know, you would never guess this was a fruit beer. This brew is quite clear, copper-coloured with a soft and creamy head.

    Serving Temperature

    5 °C / 41 °F

    Serving Glass

    Just like the kriek, gueuze and framboise, this beer is served in its own St. Louis Premium glass. An elegant stemmed drinking vessel.

      Character, Tastes & Aromas

      The St. Louis Premium range is a wonderful collection of summery thirst quenchers and the Peche is no exception. We feel it is the sweetest brew among the St. Louis offering.

      The peach aroma is not particularly dominant and shows up more in the smell than in the taste. Predominantly sweet with a slightly sour aftertaste.


        As this beer has a very sweet character it is best used as an aperitif or in the preparation of a number of desserts.

        This was in no way designed to be a gastronomic beer.

        Keeping and Storage

        This beer will definitely not improve with storage. Stick to the best-before date as recommended by the brew master.


        Bottle ✔       On Tap 

        The St. Louis Premium Peche is a beer that can be obtained far and wide internationally thanks to the export activities of Castle Brewery Van Honsebrouck.

        In Belgium, it is easy to find in supermarkets and specialised alcohol stores and beer shops.

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