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'Het Bierkasteel' - My home is my beer castle

Bierkasteel, Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck, brewery visit

IZEGEM - Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck is proud to present ‘Het Bierkasteel’ (the Beer Castle); a brand new multi-purpose space designed and built for events, relaxation, brewery visit and beer experiences.

At the Bierkasteel you can see the craft of brewing in action in a modern high-tech environment.

And Bierkasteel Van Honsebrouck is far more than a brewery, it also boasts a visitor centre, a brasserie, a beer shop, and is a welcoming and unique fully catered conference and event location.

The Bierkasteel truely has something for everyone, from individual visitors who enjoy a taste of the good life to families, groups, businesses, clubs and associations looking for trips, meeting and conference rooms or event hosting.

Het Bierkasteel is located in Izegem near Kortrijk, easily accessible by car and with 250 parking spaces.

A tour of the Bierkasteel starts in the central courtyard with its splendid views of the brewing hall.

Experienced guides will explain this unbelievably impressive state-of-the-art brewhall and bottling plant and how it produces some of Belgium’s most well known speciality beers.

Bierkasteel, Van Honsebrouck, foeders, brewery visit, brewery, beer experience, events

Barrels of Fun

Along the way you’ll discover why top-fermented beers (of the Kasteel type) and spontaneous fermentation beers (St-Louis) have their own, completely separate, production circuits, and why spontaneously fermented lambic-based beers must spend time in an open koelschip, or cooling basin.

After a tour of the bottling plant, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the barrel hall, where Kasteel Tripel sits maturing in barrels previously used for cognac.

Here, it slowly morphs into Trignac, one of Van Honsebrouck’s degustation beers. The Foeder Hall, next to the brewery, displays an array of large oak foeders, where the Bacchus beers are given all the time they need to mature.

Alongside these cherished traditions, your visit will be illuminated by multimedia screens that give an overview of the brewing process.

Tours are available at 10:30am, 2:30pm, and 4:30pm from Tuesday to Saturday and bespoke tours for groups of 25 or more can be arranged on request.

You should book in advance if you would like to tour the brewery. A visit takes one-and-a-half hours and includes a tasting, during which you will sample two beers (15cl each) and receive a 75cl bottle as a gift to take home with you.

Bierkasteel, Van Honsebrouck, brewery visit, brewery, beer experience, event location

Sharpen Your Senses

Your senses will be on high alert as you enter the brasserie, where you come face-to-face with an imposing wall of 29 taps with 24 house beers available on draught.

Stay on for lunch or dinner and discover the quality of the beers and food on offer in the stunning restaurant and how well they go together.

How about pork cheeks prepared with Kasteel Rouge, a Wagyu beef burger or cod fillet with a jus of Filou?

What about a home-made ice cream made with Barista Chocolate Quad, Kasteel Rouge or Saint-Louis Framboise?

You’ll see the chefs bustling around in the open kitchen.

They use an exclusive Mibrasa charcoal grill, cooking with real fire to preserve natural aromas and authentic flavours.

This is typical of the mixture of innovation and tradition and authenticity at Het Bierkasteel, where you can sit in front of the open fire in the lobby, feeling like you are in a real historic castle.

You could share food with friends on the spacious outdoor patio with views of the foeder chambers, the Throne Hall and the brewing hall. Or you can always just pop in for a beer, on your own or with friends or family.

The brasserie is open Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm to 10pm.

In the on-site shop, the 'bierboetiek', you will find beer pralines flavoured with Filou, Slurfke, Barista, Kasteel Rouge and Cuvée du Chateau, crafted by Parfait Chocolatier in Izegem.

There is much more on offer: textiles, memorabilia, gift packs of beers and glasses plus many other beer related items and gadgets.

The bierboetiek is spacious, airy and well laid-out so it’s easy to find what you want, while taking in views of the barrels through the store’s glass wall. The shop is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 12pm, and from 1:30pm to 6pm.

Bierkasteel Van Honsebrouck, brewery visit, brewery, beer experience, event location, restaurant

Where is The Party?

Het Bierkasteel was designed for business as well as private use and the Boardroom, the Throne Hall, and Foeder Hall are all available for corporate hire.

The spacious outdoor patio, a modern interpretation of the classic castle garden, is the perfect venue for a reception or buffet, on the same level as the Boardroom.

With its custom design and private bar, the Boardroom is designed to host 16 but it can seat as many as 60 guests. This meeting venue offers state-of-the-art multimedia technology as well as customised in-house catering.

The first floor is home to two more splendid venues for large meetings and conferences: the impressive Throne Hall and the Barrel Hall.

These too are equipped with up-to-date technology, including three metre-wide screens, Bose sound equipment and a central control panel to manage all of the multimedia elements.

Are you looking for an exceptional location to host your party? Het Bierkasteel can provide three large multi-purpose party rooms in the unique location of a working brewery. From the patio you have breath-taking views of the brewhall and the Foeder Hall through a giant expanse of glass. So, what’s stopping you from joining the party?

Visit Het Bierkasteel

Bierkasteel Van Honsebrouck
Ingelmunstersestraat 46
B-8870 Emelgem (Izegem)

Facebook: Bierkasteel

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