La Chouffe and Delirium Biodegradable iPhone Case


La Chouffe gnome and the Delirium pink elephant on a biodegradable iPhone case

Here's a collab that Belgian beer drinkers can get on board with - Marcel the La Chouffe gnome hitches a ride on the Delirium Tremens pink elephant. He's carrying some essential supplies of hops and barley over his shoulder but we can only guess where this pair are heading off to ... perhaps they are simply going in circles? 

Protect your phone and the environment all in one go—this phone case is eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable. Cover your phone with a unique case to protect it from bumps and scratches in style.

• 100% biodegradable material
• Components: soil (30%), onions (7.5%), carrots (7.5%), pepper (7.5%), sawdust (1.5%), rice (18%), soybeans (18%), wheat (10%)
• Anti-shock protection
• Thickness over 1.8mm
• Decomposes in ~1 year
• Packaged in a degradable and protective CPE 07 bag and shipped in a carton box
• The SE case fits the 2020 iPhone SE model
• Blank product sourced from China