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Our Mission

To celebrate everything that is great about Belgium, especially it’s wonderful breweries, their histories and their fantastic beers, in one comprehensive guide that is accessible across the globe. Our mission is to encourage our readers to sample the wonders of this fabulous country for themselves, armed with everything they need to know.

Our Stories

Our writers bring you real life information from every corner of Belgium, recorded via their own personal travels. These are bona fide accounts, true information and original photographs from our dedicated staff who are constantly on a mission to sniff out the best beers … and the best tales!

Our Approach

BeerTourism’s staff of experienced writers, photographers and beer aficionados have travelled around Belgium for many years – visiting breweries to taste their unique products, meeting the people who make the beers, finding out how they do it, and how. And now we share all that insider knowledge with our international audience of beer fans here at

Our Philosophy

We believe that sharing a great beer with good friends is one of the greatest joys in life … so we wanted to share our appreciation and knowledge of hundreds of remarkable Belgium beers with our international online friends.

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