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The Brewery

De Dolle Brouwers
Roeselarestraat 12 B
West Flanders
Website Facebook

Beer Style

Belgian Dark Ale. Strong Dubbel with Scottish styled influences

The Beer

Oerbier is the Dolle Brouwers flagship beer. It was their first commercialized beer and has been in production since 1980. The name refers to the pure origin of the beer as well as its authenticity. It’s a dark beer due to the usage of the different kinds of malt and a cooking process that takes hours.

The prototype of this beer was initially brewed by two students in a copper washtub. Earlier efforts to brew it up with ready-to-go English DIY kits never produced a result that was up to the strict beer standards of the Dolle Brouwers. To make the beer only the finest Golding hops are used, grown locally in Poperinge .

The Dolle Brouwers have also been bringing out special Gran Reserva editions of their Oerbier (bottled after one year) nearly every year since 2003 (it started with the Gran Reserva 2002 and ever since they’ve only missed 2003).

There’s also been a Birthday edition, an Oak Aged version (bottled after two years) and an Blond one to name just some of the special Oerbier brews from the past. No need to mention you won’t find these somewhere on a shelf.


9.0% ABV


As with all the beers that the Dolle Brouwers produce, Oerbier is unfiltered, centrifuged or pasteurized and re-ferments in the bottle.


Water, yeast, Golding hops, 6 different malt varieties, no additives whatsoever.

Colour & Transparency

Dark and oakey, dirty brown, rich colour.

    Serving Temperature

    12 C / 54 F

    Serving Glass

    Dolle Brouwers - or Oerbier glass, even a nice large wine glass.

      Character, Tastes & Aromas

      Oerbier is a full-bodied beer with a soft and creamy texture. It has touches of hop and malt bitter. Sweet and slightly sourish due to the lactobacillus and the yeast.

      Some aromas of freshly baked goods, dark fruit, vanilla and caramel and a touch of alcohol seep through. It has a great, complex character and possesses a long aftertaste.


        Great to have with some genuine Oerbier pate or freshly cooked North Sea shrimp. Superb when used in a classic Belgian rabbit stew.

        Keeping and Storage

        Belgian law obliges the brewers to put a sustainability of maximum two years on the cap. However, the brewer still has samples of the first batches they brew up, and they are still perfectly drinkable.

        The taste does evolve slightly and the beer itself takes on some wine-like characteristics. This is a beer that can and has to be kept in your cellar for a couple of years…


        Bottle ✔       On Tap 

        As a flagship beer it is available throughout the whole year at the brewery and via resellers. Also available at the better specialised bars/cafés and online.

        Exported across the world, from Taiwan to the US. The special Oerbier editions and brews are more rare of course…

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